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We are passionate about Jesus and his mission in the world. We believe Jesus is God, he lived in human history,
died and has been raised from the dead. We also think this changes everything.

Jesus changes our lives, our relationships, our work, our purpose and how we interact with the world around us.

At the Garden our vision is not just for you to attend church but to “be the church” and transform our city and the neighborhoods you live in as an empowered follower of Jesus. This is what it means to be a disciple. As a church we are called to live beyond a Sunday meeting or a midweek Bible study. We are called to invest our whole lives in developing community, following Jesus as disciples and living intentionally on mission. So, at the Garden we cultivate environments for discipleship and transformation to flourish.

We invite you to find out more about Jesus and to join us in partnering with God in the renewal of all things. 

To learn more about what we believe, click here.


We gather as the garden in homes throughout the week and on Sunday mornings to celebrate God, to share life with one another, to grow as
disciples, teach through scripture, give, pray and to worship with our lives.

Join us for a Sunday service at 9:15 or 11:15 at Franklin Middle School located at 540 Cerritos Ave. Long Beach, CA. 90802.

Kids Ministry is available at both services, Youth Ministry is available at 11:15AM. Learn more about our Kids Ministry here.


We believe we were created to live in community. Community is created through generously serving one another, caring for each others needs, sharing our possessions, walking together in suffering and celebration, and learning to live in honest, loving relationships.

Hundreds of people at the garden gather in smaller communities throughout the week- we call these Garden Groups. If you are looking for a place to connect, make new friends, deepen relationships, encounter God’s love and have the occasional party then go ahead and jump in and discover the big moments in life often happen in the small corners of life.

To find a Garden Group to join, click here.


As the church, we are commissioned to make disciples of all nations, to partner with God in the renewal of all things and to proclaim the Gospel where ever we go. The good news is about Jesus and renal will happen when he is at the center of our lives, our communities and our city. We work to make Jesus famous in our city and live the Gospel wherever we go.

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