In recent history, there has been a rise in the interest of the biblical figure of the Antichrist. Who is it? Is it an individual? When will this person come? Have they already arrived? How will they infiltrate the church? These are common misconceptions about the Antichrist, and drastically different than what the Bible understands about this figure. While there might be some relief knowing that our misconceptions are wrong, the reality of Antichrist is much more urgent and dire when we understand what the Biblical authors thought of this concept. Inspired by a quote by Eugene Peterson, Pastor Darren wanted to do a in depth study of 1 John where the Antichrist is mentioned and addressed. This series was originally intended to be done as a sermon series. Despite that, due to God’s leaning, this series was put aside in order to take Garden Church through the Kingdom Culture sermon series.

However, Pastor Darren still wanted to see the content of Antichrist Church be shared to those who are curious. So he will take time during the next few weeks to record a podcast that will be shared chapter by chapter to those who want to learn more about this topic.

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