Share Your Story: McCall Lanman


Meet McCall 


McCall is originally from Palos Verdes Estates, California but now lives in downtown Los Angeles as she attends the University of Southern California. McCall has been attending the Garden Church for five months now. She just concluded her three month internship as a Communications + Creative intern at the Garden Church.

Through this season in McCall’s life, she has been realizing that she carries wrong projections of herself that are not from the bible but are lies from the enemy. Not only have these lies affected how she views herself, but has been realizing how these lies also affect how she views God's love for her.

The Lord brought to light, in ways she hadn't ever noticed before, that she tends to believe God's love for her is based off of her performance. She's been believing God is critical and harsh when she falls short in not reaching certain levels of spiritual growth or even closeness to God. The Lord has been shutting down those  lies, revealing that the enemy is behind them, and is continuing to do so in her life.

McCall says that God has been using the Garden Church, specifically, to accomplish this redemption and restoration within her. Both her community during her internship and the teaching at the Garden have played a key role in exposing the enemy’s lies that she has been caught up in for a long time.

Through a bible study she was part of with the Garden staff, she learned more about the significance of emotional health in order to be a healthy follower of Jesus. She has learned, through the Garden staff community and staff culture, how God is a God of grace and does not hold perfection over our heads. Rather, God gives us grace and the blood of Jesus to cover how we fall short so that we can grow into perfect righteousness through intimate relationship with Him. 

Furthermore, God has been speaking loudly through the Garden's teachings. Continuing to challenge McCall into more realization about how much God loves her. She's been reminded in a very tangible and profound way that in order for any of us to become like Jesus, we must realize that He sees us as His royal children and with deep, fatherly affection. That when we come to him broken, sinful and a mess everyday, He embraces us exactly as He embraces the prodigal son.

Through encountering the Living God more and more in this season, the Lord has been healing and breaking down falsehoods she has carried through her childhood to present. And he has been replacing those lies with the hope and joy of the good news of the Gospel in real and radical ways. 

As she ends her internship with the Garden and finishes up this semester of school, she plans on continuing to attend the Garden Church. McCall leaves to work at Hume Lake Christian Camps in late May, but plans on continuing to attend the Garden in early September.


At the Garden internship, McCall got to work on how to improve on the Garden Church's website, the Garden's blog and find target audiences within Long Beach to spread flyers to in order to advertise for the Garden's Easter service. McCall says that this experience was not only great work experience but one of her favorite things about it was getting to know and working with the Garden staff.

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