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Here is her story!

I have always had a heart for kids. But, I questioned if I was good enough to teach kids about God.  Did I know enough about God? Or the Bible? Was I worthy enough to share Him? The lies and doubts had held me back from volunteering. Since I had started following Jesus in November 2016, I rationalized all of these lies with another lie: that other people would be better volunteers/teachers than me because they had been following Jesus longer. 

But, when I ran into the Children’s Pastor, Rianna, at a coffee shop, we clicked right away. It was a divine appointment. God was so gracious. And showed me that all I needed was a willing heart. I felt God push me out of the nest of lies that had been feeding me comfortable deception and into the wide-open air of truth.

Volunteering has grown my faith and trust in Jesus because every time I am humbled by how He uses me to share His love with the Garden kids. I feel Him move through me moment by moment to give me the right words, encouragement, and care to reach each kid. When I didn’t think I was good enough, Christian enough, wise enough, worthy enough, etc., He reminded me that He was more than enough. I am His child. And I trust Him to show up for me, just like He shows up for them. It’s not always easy to take the leap, but it is easily the most fulfilling part of my week when He catches me on His wings.

It’s amazing to see the Holy Spirit work with us to draw out the message that He longs to share with the children. This week, we did a contemplative prayer on how much God loves us. We brought the kids in a circle, some of them as young as age 5 and reflected in silence on the love of God. When we finished, we asked the kids if the Holy Spirit had revealed anything to them. One boy, who was in kindergarten, bravely raised his hand: He said, “God told me, ‘He loves me more than anything.’” I think God used this special boy to tell us all that.

Being around the Garden kids inspires me to be more trusting and vulnerable. Even in my house church, when people ask who needs prayer, many of us close up, hesitant to reveal what is tugging on our hearts. The kids are the opposite. They talk about their concerns and bravely volunteer to pray for each other without thinking twice. They don’t question the nature of God or His promises. They trust Him completely. And live out of His love. Although I’m the ‘teacher,’ what I find is that I’m constantly learning from the Garden kids. I’m a student of these little lights and I get to witness the Great Light through them. 

Before you volunteer, you think you’re giving up your time, agenda, etc., but really, you’re just trading your time and agenda with God’s timing and agenda.  You aren’t losing; you’re receiving. It’s not a sacrifice. It’s a gift. I think the enemy tries to make us think we’re losing something so that we never get a chance to receive what God wants to give us.

Recently, in the kid’s ministry, we had been learning about how God created the world and how He created us. I had read the words before, but there was new dimension as to what it meant for me personally as I shared it with them. In my personal time with God, the Holy Spirit began to speak something new into me; the way God spoke the Universe into creation.

I wrote this poem after teaching about creation. And I feel like it was a gift from Him. Since I also do volunteer writing for the Garden Blog, I felt like God wanted to combine my writing world and the time I spend in the kid’s ministry to show me something new about His character, our relationship, and my identity in Him.

If you’re thinking of volunteering and are worried for some reason, you’re not good enough, Christian enough, smart enough, biblical enough, social enough,…something enough. Just remember the message of Pastor Megan Fate, who came a few weeks ago.

We’re not enough. But He makes us enough. We can choose to focus on our perceived shortcomings and live out of our own lack. Or, we can choose to focus on His more than enoughness and live out of His infinite abundance.  <3

Here’s the gift He gave me. I hope it gives to you, too.

Love Letter from Above


When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers … what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him? (Psalm 8:3-4)


I wish I could remember who I am.

But I can’t- so each morning, I take His hand.

For He is the maker of all things. (Jeremiah 10:16)


Before the Earth the Sun and the Moon

There was darkness over the Earth.

And a dream of you.


You and me in loving relationship.

I created you from love to love for love.

I have loved you with an everlasting love.  (Jeremiah 31:3)


I thought up your eyes and lips

And the lines on your fingertips.

I thought up your dimples.

And dancing.

And writing.

And laughing.

The world needed your voice.

So, I gave you sound.

And spoke you sweetly into the ground.


You are dust.

But you are deity.

Made from the breath of all makers,

The Alpha and Omega,

The one who is, who was, and is to come.


You are mine.

My precious daughter.

And nothing can snatch you out of my hands.

Not a sin. Not a lie. Not a guy.


This is heavenly grip

And nothing, can rip us apart.

We are one.


When you see yourself

You glimpse me-

Infinite possibility,

Creative flexibility,

Your beauty springs forth from full freedom.


When you look in the mirror

Know that I’m near.


You don’t see your broken heart…

But I do.


You don’t see the miracle

Moving inside you...

But I do.


You don’t see the destiny pulsing in your veins

Pumping you through life….

But I do.


You don’t see the lives you change

Despite your shame...

But I do.


You look in the mirror

And see so little.

Your eyes reflect

Your perspective on life:



Trust me.

Give up control.

To see what you think

You need to see

And let me show you.


Open your hands.

Let go of your clenched fists.

And let me love you.


Surrender your heart,

So I can help you.


You don’t see the hope,

I long to show you.


You don’t see the hurt,

Let me heal you.


You don’t see your goodness,

Let me declare it for you.


And the Lord said it is very good. (Genesis 1:31)


You are very good.

My child.


Light of the World,

Salt of the Earth,

You are fearfully

And wonderfully made.


You are forgiven.

So stop wondering,

Earning, trying, reconciling.

And just know-

You are who I say you are.


The apple of my eye,

A new creature in Christ,

Given the newness of Life.


In Jesus Name.


Your dead shall live;

Their bodies shall rise.

You who dwell in the dust,

Awake and sing for joy!  

For your dew is a dew of light,

And the earth will give birth to the dead. (Isaiah 26:19)


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