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In October I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. After spending many days admitted into St Mary’s Hospital with an injection fraction of 30 (this is a measurement of the heart’s strength in pumping blood, a normal range is 55-75). I was told I was a possible heart transplant candidate because it was so low.

All is not said and done with this medical issue according to my heart doctor specialist. However, the results of my most recent tests are back and my injection fraction is 55. My doctor seemed a bit disoriented by this.

I shared with him how my Maker is healing me, how His power proves He is alive and involved here and now.

It seems the jury is still out as the doctor is still skeptical to this obvious miracle. I am floored. 

I’ve been accepting His miracles for other people while learning to be grateful that He has chosen me to grow closer to Him in suffering the pain of not “getting my way” in healing prayers prayed so many times.

I feel so fortunate for the family my creator has given me here at the Garden and am honored to share through the griefs and unexpected miracles.

I really do love you all.

Praising Jesus together forever,

Christine Devries

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