Meet Olivia Yokubonis,


Olivia Yokubonis is an incredible singer-songwriter who grew up in the south and moved to Orange County around October 2017. Initially she came here to do Circuit Riders and afterwards that continued her journey here knowing that God had a list of things she was stepping into, including Community.

Eventually I found myself at the Garden and Darren spoke that day. I remember hearing about House Church and that they had one in Costa Mesa. Later to find out it was already closed, but by the glitch of the website, I was able to sign up!

House Church in itself was an answered prayer. My only expectation was that God was going to help in my process with finding community. Something I learned was that community takes time, and commitment. It takes sacrifice to commit that time in going and cultivating friendships.

It’s been exciting to see that within our house church. Just knowing and witnessing everyone make that commitment to be there. But the beauty is even outside of the Tuesday and Thursday nights.. where we go and hang out and do things together, or help serve each other in moving or carpool.


Outside of house church, I get to experience this with my housemates as well. Modeling a standard of family inside of my community at home. It takes effort to set aside ourselves in order to serve one another. I had an expectation that maybe I would stay in Circuit Riders and see where that would take me, but what I got was far better. I’m able to build and cultivate community in my own home with my housemates and with my House Church.

I’ve gotten to see how much community has helped me even in my personal life with Music. If I hadn’t had the conversations I had with my roommate Sav, I wouldn't have had the confidence to push forward or even the support.

I’ve realized that in the last year i’ve changed my expectation on friendships in community and to display the standard of honoring my family. Im choosing to put them first in all things. Community pushes you towards your dreams.

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