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My name is Jessica and at the age of 3 I was diagnosed, along with my brother, with Cystic Fibrosis. Its a progressive disease that gets worse with age, or so they say. Jump forward, I am now 37. At the beginning of this past year I started feeling this strong call towards God. It feels like most my life I have been searching for Him. Trying different spiritual paths but nothing stuck, except that I always knew I believed in God and wanted him in my life. This time, something was pulling me to Him and I could no longer ignore it.


The thought of me going to church was never really a thought. Just wasn't something I desired, or so I thought. This past January I started going to The Garden with my Mother in Father in law, Kim and Stan Smith. In February I got sick and was hospitalized for 3 weeks. Typical occurrence with C.F. The sickness took over me and my yearning for God was still there yet my body was so sick I just lost my way again, I went to the Easter Sunday church service and something just took over me that day. I felt Gods presence like never before.


The following week I joined a house church and accepted Jesus that day through Pastor Darren. Since that day my health completely took a turn. Every chance I got I was prayed for and for the first time I began praying for myself and others. My lung function, determined through whats called a pulmonary function test, was at a steady 40%. For at least 5 years it had been at 40%. In May I went to my normal 3 month check up and my PFT was at 50%. I was shocked, the doctors were shocked. I had been doing nothing different except for one major thing, I accepted God and put my faith in him and this community and it absolutely worked. In June I started a new medicine that has completely changed my health. Its like I have new lungs. I can breathe and run with my children like never before. By accepting God I was able to let go of the burden of my health and the fear that came with it. The call to Him is so strong still and I am just trying to navigate this and figure out how to go from here. Every Sunday I am reaffrimed that this is where I belong. The power of prayer and this community have really changed my life in ways I never thought possible. I feel like a new life has begun. One where I walk with God and he walks with me. Anyways, Thank you God for leading me to The Garden. This is just one part of my journey so far. Looking forward to see where God leads me in all of this. I just keep hearing Him say to just show up and every time I do, I see it, I feel it, I embrace it.


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