The Garden has a team called MISSIONARY CARE that provides ongoing support and connection for the church’s long term missionaries. They exist to provide missionaries with financial, spiritual and practical support through the First Fruits ministry, community groups and the Missionary Care volunteer team. If you consider yourself a short or long-term missionary and would like to partner with the Garden church, please email benevolence@garden.church.


First Fruits is the Garden’s initial 10% of income received, given away. Our desire is to steward our resources and give where God leads. This may look like giving to local nonprofits, organizations, churches, or to individuals and families for benevolence. If you consider the Garden your home and you are in need, please email benevolence@garden.church.


The Garden has a PASTORAL CARE team that walks with individuals in need of care, support, or prayer. If you would like more information please email info@garden.church.



We partner with Rock Harbor church in Costa Mesa to do counseling for seriously dating or engaged couples. To find out when the next Premarital course is, email info@garden.church.

If you would like a Garden Pastor or Elder to marry you, please fill out the form below and send to info@garden.church.



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