Hey Garden Church, 

Our Worship Pastor Faith Dunsterville has a compelling gift of songwriting and she is running a Kickstarter Campaign to fund her debut album, "The Throughline". The album is a collection of songs about trust and the faithfulness of God. As a church, we are so excited for her to share this gift with the world. You can watch her Kickstarter video and back her project by clicking here: http://kck.st/2PjLXrC  as well as listen to the first single, "Heaven's Melody" by clicking here: https://open.spotify.com/track/2Ml1RTtKg6OYlCO1brgctp?si=59A_ZwAjREyi9QrC6L9_8w

Kickstarter is an all or nothing funding platform and she needs your help to make this happen! She has 2 days left to raise the remaining 2,000 dollars. Would you consider giving generously towards her campaign and helping support her in this?