As we train together for the Long Beach Full or Half marathon, each step & each bead of sweat will mean no more sickness from unsafe water!  That means no more 6 Kilometer walks for women and children that are vulnerable to attack.  You will be making a local and global impact…and experience personal transformation, too! 


Remember, NO running experience necessary.  We’ll start very slow and get you to the finish line.  And this is a great opportunity to invite a friend who just needs to experience good “community”, too!



Here's how to sign up:


1. Join the Team


This page is FULL of training and fundraising resources.  You’ll see video links, templates to use, etc.

It’ll take 5 minutes to set-up.  And if you ever have any questions, email me.


PRO TIP: Take the HERO CHALLENGE GOAL (raise $3,000; 60 children with clean water).  Here’s why:

·         Across the country, we’ve seen: The higher the goal, the greater the impact.

·         There is NO penalty for not reaching your goal.

·         If you reach your Hero Challenge goal (by Oct 21, 2018), we’ll refund you the RACE registration fee.


2. Register for the Race

After your page is up, you’ll see a link to register for the race.  Click it and follow the prompts.  Do not go to the race’s website to register.


The race registration fee goes up on MAY 1st and will continue to go up as the race gets closer.  So, we encourage you to register TODAY to lock in the lowest price.  (These price hikes are set by the race.)


3. Print the Training Plan & get some shoes

On your customizable fundraising page, print out the Training Plan and tape it your fridge!  You’re going to mark it off each day as you crush mileage!


And I highly recommend getting fitted for shoes.  Runner’s High, Roadrunner & A Snails Pace all do free assessments with no obligation to buy.  Roadrunner & A Snail’s Pace have good return policies too.


Even if you’re planning to WALK the 13.1 miles, you still need to train for it.   


FULL MARATHONERS- you need to get movin’ starting tomorrow, MONDAY.  Nice n slow.  Print the plan and let’s do it. (Monday begins Week 4 of Base Training for the FULL.)

HALF MARATHONERS – relax.  Do not make the mistake of many nervous folks that go and run 6 miles NOW and fail.  We’ll train you up for it.  Instead, get fitted for some shoes.


4. Find us on Facebook HERE for all the latest updates.


BONUS STEPs (especially if you’re on the fence):  Watch Chrissie’s Story Here 1