Franklin Middle School
540 Cerritos Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90802
Sundays 9:15AM / 11:15AM


At Garden Church, we want our kids to know about Jesus. We do this by leading them in the Bible, stories and exercises, time in prayer, encounters with the Holy Spirit, and opportunities for loads of fun! We teach them the importance of intimacy and spending personal time with Jesus. We want to prepare them for the reality of living life in the world by equipping them with the armor of God (Eph.6:10-18), the fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5: 22-23) and allowing space for the Holy Spirit to reveal their identities in Christ (Psalm 139:13-14). We have Kid’s Ministry at both our 9:15 AM and 11:15 AM services. 

Check out our Garden Kids page HERE or contact Rianna for more information at rianna@garden.church.


Jesus’ ministry on earth was spent hanging out with a rag tag team of 12 teenagers that changed the course of human history. At Garden Church we seek to train and equip leaders to follow in Jesus’ footsteps as they are encouraged to walk with some youth in our community. We believe if today’s youth are given a space to encounter God in an authentic way, then they too can impact the world for God’s Kingdom. Our youth meets every Sunday at 9:15 AM at Franklin Middle School and every Thursday at 7:00 PM for Youth Group at the Little Brown Mission.

Visit our Youth page HERE or contact Amie at youth@garden.church for more information.


At Garden Church we seek to integrate the best of historic Christianity with a contextualized and thoughtful approach to our faith today. Our gatherings consist of singing (both hymns and contemporary songs), reading of scripture, participating in communion, expository preaching, and a time at the end of every gathering for response and ministry from the Holy Spirit. We view our gatherings as an essential part of our shared spiritual formation as we seek to live the Way of Jesus together.

Visit our blog HERE to read some stories from our community and recaps of past sermons.


We gladly welcome anyone to our Sunday services. If you are joining us on a Sunday and you have any special needs or considerations which require you to contact us in advance, please email us at info@garden.church.


Worship simply means to “declare or attribute worth to something.”  Our culture is teaching all of us to worship something - brands, success, sexuality, celebrity, technology and more.

Missiologist Alan Hirsch writes, “Everyone has a god, in the sense that everyone puts something first in ones life: money, power, prestige, self, career, love and so forth. There must be something in your life that operates as your sources of meaning and strength, something that you regard, at least implicitly, as the supreme power of your life.”

Though these are often good things they will distort and disappoint us if we make them the center of our heart.  They are inadequate to satisfy the core longings of the human heart.

Our vision for worship is to see God for who he is and respond with gratitude, wonder, thanksgiving and awe. We believe this vision and response will rightly reorder our hearts, our mind, our affections, and our imagination around God’s goodness and grace.

We do this through the weaving of word and worship, creating space for reflection, celebration and praise, and by retelling the good news of the rescuing love of God expressed through Christ in our gatherings.

Rather than a focus on style or preference, we seek to utilize scripture, story, song and sacraments to form us into the kind of people God has called us to be.


We believe that the teaching of God’s word is to play a central role in our worship gatherings through both the public reading of scripture and the teaching of the word.

All of us are looking for wisdom and insight on how to navigate the complexities of our modern lives and how to live in a way that humbly and faithfully honors God. Our preaching is designed to integrate biblical exegesis, cultural understanding, practical application and personal formation so that we learn to think, act, love and serve like Christ. We value the scriptures as the source and authority of our faith and seek to understand and live them faithfully in our time and place.

You can hear our recent and current teaching series on our Podcast.


At the end of every gathering we have a dedicated space for prayer, ministry and response to the Holy Spirit. This is a place where the gifts of the Spirit are welcomed and shared, to build up our people, help us further process the work God is doing in our hearts, and receive power to do what God has called us to. We have a trained prayer team who is available to pray with you if needed. Or you can quietly reflect or worship while remaining in your seat. This normally lasts for about 15 minutes after the official close of each service